Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter A Little Too Late

Jacket: Bob Mackey Top: H&M Pants: H&M Shoes: Enzo Angiolini Belt: Nine West Bracelets: Silpada

This was my outfit for Easter this year. I really didn't want to wear a dress like I do every other year so when I found these pants it was perfect. These pants definitely have a story; I hunted them down for about 2 weeks. Going into H&M twice a week asking if and when they were going to come in. Then I saw a girl at my job with them on and went straight back to the store just to find they were sold out. WTH!?!?!?!?! I went back a few days later to find there was one lonely pair folded on a table, sadly to find they were a size 12! I tried them on and surprisingly they fit in the leg perfectly but the waist was about 20 sizes to big. Then the question was to get them tailored or not. So I bought them, safety pinning them hoping I could pull them off. Sadly they gave me an awful faux crotch...gross! My best friend was able to find me another pair in a size 10 and these are the ones I am wearing. Mind you H&M sizing is all out of wack. So that's the floral pants story, or Honolulu pants as some guy on U st called them. That was a fun night!!!

Kisses from Sammy; Air kisses that is!!! Happy Monday!!!!

That's Amore

Spring Finds

It has been way too long since my last post. I have been so busy with work and all since Easter, I have not even gotten a chance to breath until this past weekend. All I wanted to do was relax and enjoy the weather. The weather has been so beautiful I can't stay inside. I laid in the hammock and read a book for a few hours and it was amazing!!! Also caught up on the movie, Midnight In Paris, which I have been meaning to see for sometime now. Can I say, that is a great movie. I think I am a sucker for anything set in Paris. I think that is were I was meant to be, Paris in the 40's. Movies just portray it as an amazing time and place. Hmmmmmm just the thought gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. I hope to be able to go visit sooner than later.

right to left tops Zara, Forever21, H&M, Forever21, H&M
Bags all DSW
On Saturday I also scored on some handbag shopping as well as some cute spring tops. I have been having a bit too much fun and I feel somewhat guilty but when I put things into perspective the three bags all together were the same price as a Rebecca Minkoff bag I wanted. The small navy one is 100% leather, EVEN BETTER!!!!

I have to admit I have a love hate relationship with DSW. I can usually find a shoe that I love but they never have my size EVER!! It gets so frustrating that I rarely venture to the store. I have been really looking for a great crossbody bag and I'm not exactly sure how DSW came across my mind but it did, and I'm thankful it did. These bags are from a brand I have never heard of Popppie Jones and Audrey Brooke. You can check their bags out here and here on DSW's website.

That's Amore

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mellow Yellow

Top: Nine West Shorts: Nordstrom Belt: Nine West Shoes: Wanted Bag: H&M Bracelets: Silpada (check them out here)
This was one of the most relaxing days of my entire life. Two weekends ago me and the bf celebrated our 5 year anni and went for massages. I just have to say if you have never experienced a massage (this was my first time) you are really missing out!!! It was amazing!!!
But enough about my personal life, onto the clothes!!! I love this shirt, I have had it for years and sadly I rarely wear it. It reminds me of a chef shirt in a way.

I love pairing dressier tops with more casual bottoms. I think its a really fresh look and hopefully I inspire people to try to wear their work tops with weekend bottoms! I love the peplum on this shirt as well as the tie that brings it all together. If any of you are like me and have more of a straight, boyish shape a peplum should be your best friend! It gives you curves where there are none. SHHHHHHHHH it's my secret!!!!

The bf was nice enough to snap a few pics while we were out. I usually don't take pictures of myself because I always feel like its a hit or miss when it comes to having a photogenic day. I guess the massage relaxed me because these photos came out pretty decent.
I would also like to point out that my shoes are Wanted and my bag is from H&M and they are the exact same shade AND I bought them on two different days!! What a coincidence!!

That's Amore
Happy Monday!!