Monday, July 30, 2012

Looking for a Little UMPH!!

 Anyone ever feel like this? This is usually me at the end of every season. I go through my closet and try on a million things and no matter what I come up with I leave the house feeling uninspired and hate what I am wearing. My wardrobe tends to feel dry and boring because I resort to the good ole jeans and t-shirt number. It really puts me on the wrong foot for the day. Usually if I look good when I leave the house my day will follow, but recently it is everything but good. But instead of boring you all with my blah jeans and t-shirt kind of stories I thought to give you something inspirational. Hopefully your wardrobe isn't looking as sad as mine. I hope to find a niche in my closet very soon, for everyone's sake! Anyone have good ideas for getting out of a fashion funk? What do you do when you feel like your closet is getting blah?

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Monday, July 16, 2012

DIY: Moroccan Painted Table

I want to start by apologizing for the poor picture quality. I left my camera at home but I really wanted to get shots of what I was doing.

So this weekend I spent my Saturday with my grandma painting these end tables that I plan to put in my bedroom when I move. I went back and forth trying to decide if I should paint them before or after I moved but I figured it would be a lot less stressful to get it out of the way now.

It was a really easy project to customize this cheap Ikea table. The things i used were:
White Acrylic Paint
Stiff Bristle Paint Brush
Blue Painters Tape
Hair Dryer

 I really didn't want the design to be smooth, I wanted to be able to see the table through the paint and have a dabbed effect. After I finished a section, I removed the stencil and used my hair dryer on low to help with drying; the thin coat of paint also helped with drying. Then, I lined the stencil up for the next section of the pattern and repeated until I was finish.

I still have one edge to finish and adding a coat of lacquer to prevent the design from coming off. Eventually I want to put a piece of glass on top of added protection. It took me about 2 hours with a snack break to do the entire table and it came out a lot better than I expected. I will post pictures of it in my room once I move. You will have to wait a little longer for that post. 

I hope you like it and it has inspired you to re-purpose a boring piece of furniture you have. Its feels good when you have given something a new look!

That's Amore

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2fer Tuesday: Blue Skirt Edition

These are two fun outfits that are based on this amazing blue skirt. Sadly I have yet to wear this skirt but I 100% plan to wear it out this weekend. So if you see me and I'm not wearing it something has seriously gone wrong. 

This bandage skirt is so versatile and is a necessity in every girl's closet. I scored this number for really cheap at Nordstrom Rack in Miami. This was one of the very few things I brought back from my trip.

Shirt: JCrew  Skirt: Nordstrom Rack  Shoes: Nordstrom Rack  Clutch: Forever21  Necklace: Forever21

Shirt: Zara  Skirt: Nordstrom  Shoes: Ebay  Bracelets: H&M Forever21

That's Amore

A Little Inspiration

Here are just a few pictures I found on Pinterest that have really inspired me. I love finding pictures that give me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. And since I am preparing to move soon I am getting ideas on projects I want to get started on. Spoiler Alert: I will be posting pictures of my projects as they are completed.

I think these jars are so stinkin cute!!! There are perfect for a cookout or some intimate outdoor event. I hope to one day have a fence that can be lined with these little guys!

I love the idea of strung lights on a balcony or backyard. In my head, my future balcony looks like Julie's off Julie and Julia; all time fav movie! I hope to string lights all the way around with a little french bistro table set. I was Parisian in my past life. I really hope to visit Paris one day.

I LOVE this table and chair for two! So darling and quaint. I love intimate table settings for two no matter what it looks like. Whenever I see a little table and chairs like this I just melt. This picture inspired me to grow a lemon tree on my balcony. I keep hearing that you cant grow a lemon tree in the DMV but I am determined to make it happen. I can pretend I am in Santorini, while admiring my full lemon tree and the lights strung on my balcony, with candles and some Frank Sinatra playing. HA!! Wishful thinking; one day.

That's Amore

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2fer Tuesday

I found this jacket a few months ago at the Loft and I knew it had to be mine. There are so many options with this jacket and here are just two. On top of my neon and color blocking obsession I am starting to really like pattern mixing. I know pattern mixing has been on runways for a while but I have been reluctant to try it because I wasn't sure I would be able to pull it off. I think this floral and stripe number does the trend justice. What do you think? All those in favor of pattern mixing say "I"! I am definitely planning on keeping pattern mixing on my to-do list!

Left: Jacket: Loft  Top: H&M  Shorts: H&M  Shoes: Calvin Klein  Bag: H&M  Necklace: Forever21  Bangles: H&M
Right: Jacket, Top, Skirt: H&M  Shoes: Aldo  Belt: Nordstrom  Necklace: Silpada check them out here 

Pattern Mixing and Color Blocking
That's Amore

Monday, June 25, 2012

Just a Little Quickie

This is just a cute outfit I threw together the other day. I love how girly and soft it is! The pop of orange really satisfies my color blocking obsession. Is color blocking over and done with? I'm not sure but I know I am definitely not done with the trend. I keep wondering how all my neon is going to tie back to my fall wardrobe. Any ideas or suggestions??

Top: H&M  Skirt: Nordstrom  Shoes: Jessica Simpson  Necklace: Nordstrom Rack  Bag: DSW

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Too Much Work, Too Little Time

Have you ever felt like this?? Well this is where I have been the past 3 weeks and its only getting worse. I have to apologize for leaving you guys waiting for something new. I am really trying to flood your screens with new outfit posts to make up for the lack there of.....hold in there I'm still alive trying to keep my head above water. I just need to make it through July and all will be good. Can't wait for my vaca which can't come soon enough. I am hoping to have new posts this weekend, so check back to see what's new!

That's NOT  Amore
Until Next Time