Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tangerine Tango

Skirt and shirt: Nordstrom Jacket: H&M  Shoes: BCBG  Belt: Mango  Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

This was a fun date night outfit I wore to see the Doug Aitken exhibit at the Hirshorn Museum. It was a really cool exhibit that projected a video all the way around the outside of the building where people could sit and watch. I really hope they do more exhibits like this, it was a really fun way to get outside and enjoy a night in the city. You can see a clip of the exhibit here

I really love this maxi, from the fabic, to the flowiness, to the color, this is maxi skirt perfection!! I searched high and low for it and finally found it on a trip to Florida. THANK THE LORD! We ended the night at the movies to finally see 5 Year Engagement which was HILARIOUS!!! Overall an amazing night.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wall Flower

Dress: H&M  Cardigan: Marshalls (Old)  Shoes: Seychelles  Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs  Belt: Mango  Watch: Michael Kors Jewelry: Silpada check them out here

 This was my outfit for Mother's Day; I went to visit my grandmother with my family and took my mom to the movies. I was a pretty great day to honor mothers!

I love this floral dress and sadly I hardly wear it. I am noticing through this blog that I have quite a few things in my closet that I love that I rarely preview. Hmmmmmmm I see a closet challenge in my future.

This dress is a last season H&M steal, and my bag, remember me telling you about how I broke my monthly challenge here, WELL THIS IS IT!!!!! Isn't it amazing!!!!!!! I love it so much!!!!

These photos are a first for me because I took them on my phone! My camera battery died so I had to make due. They came out a lot better than expected and I only did minor editing. So high five to my poor camera quality phone! You can now follow me on instagram (lesb15) and see my camera phone skills!!

To say the very least this was such a beautiful day and I have been enjoying the weather entirely too much and I am praying that I can continue to enjoy the sunny breezy days!!

My Bag.......
That's Amore
Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monthly Challenge

I have started something new and I am calling it my monthly challenge. Each month I will set a new goal for myself, no matter what it is, and try to keep that goal the whole month. The following month I will set a new goal and repeat until........well until I say so. I am going to try and keep it up for at least a year. I thought this would be fun just to say I have a goal and keep it, maybe it will make me a better person in the long run. I have always considered myself reliable. If I say I'm going to do something I do it. But I just thought it would be something fun and new, something to look forward to each month.

This will be me in the mornings trying to get dressed!!

So this month I have decided NO SHOPPING!!!!! I know most would think that this is a cardinal sin and I could partially agree. But I really want to try and not only save money but also start my monthly challenge with something difficult to keep.

I must confess I have already reneged BUT I will say it was for a bag that I have been religiously looking for for over a year and if I didn't get it then and there (Ebay) I may never see it again. So for this month I have extended my challenge until June 5th.

Does anyone else out there want to join me in my monthly challenge?? Does anyone out there already do something like this?? Anyone?? Are you there?? Are you reading??

Wish me luck!! I'm going to need it!!!
That's Amore

A Simple Cutie

This is just a quick post on a busy day that hasn't exactly gone the way I planned. 

This shirt has been my recent go to. The peplum flatters my straight body type and gives me a little bit of faux curves, which is always a plus when you don't have much to begin with. This H&M top is great and what makes it even better is it comes in a bunch of different colors; I have two and wish I could get more but I am on a shopping diet this month, I'll tell you more about that in my next post. 

But this was just a quick throw together outfit for church a few weeks ago and I really loved the simplicity and daintiness. I actually surprised myself when I looked in the mirror. Surprise Surprise, I can whip together an outfit when I'm not trying. 

Top and skirt: H&M  Necklace: Nordstrom  Shoes: Enzo Angiolini

Quick  post , sweet and to the point!!
That's Amore

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Shirt: Jcrew  Sweater: Forever21  Shorts: Old Navy  Shoes: Calvin Klein  Bag: DSW  Necklace: DIY  

I picked up this sweater a few weeks ago and lets just say HEAVEN!!!!! Not only does it satisfy me need for neons this season but its soooooo comfortable!!!

This was a DIY necklace I made a few years ago. My mom brought this sarong buckle back from Cancun; I loved the mother of pearl but I knew I would never wear it with a sarong. So why not a necklace?? PERFECTION!!!! I always get compliments on it and it was soooooo easy. All i did was buy some chain trim from Joann's and tied it in a knot.

This DSW bag was the perfect bag to tie this whole outfit together. All together these pieces completed my outfit perfectly!!