Monday, March 26, 2012

Little Birdie

Top: Old Navy Jeans: H&M Jacket: H&M Shoes: Seychelle Bag: Old Navy
I love love love this bird shirt even though I'm not so keen on real birds; weird I know. This is just a fun easy outfit, I really like how the blue pants accent the blue in the birds wings. Funny fact.......I think I saw a girl on a Pier One commercial with the same shirt on!!!

I love these shoes!!! They are so comfortable and so fun. Not your average ankle boots. Sadly I think I will be putting them away for spring.

Have a good week!!!
That's Amore

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring is in the Air

Shirt: Jcrew Skirt: Old Navy Belt: Gabriel Brothers Shoes: Seychelles Jewelry: Silpada Watch: Michael Kors
Spring tricked me this past Sunday, I woke up feeling spring in my heart and by the time I was dressed and out the door I realized it was going to be a dreary day. Then I noticed my favorite yellow Forsythia bush in my yard was in full bloom and it instantly put a smile on my face. Just so happened it matched my belt perfectly!

Happy Spring everyone!!! I hope you are enjoying it to the fullest!!!!
That's Amore

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Ok I have to confess I 100% stole someone's look and have been wearing it faithfully since I saw it!!! But what can I say this girl had an amazing idea!!! This bun is a life saver especially since I am on my own kind of hair journey and my length is in the god awful "in between" phase. So if your reading this I'm sorry I stole your look but it is working for me and I plan on keeping it until the summer. Thanks for the idea!!
Is anyone else on a hair journey? Tips, tricks, advice? I have been on YouTube entirely too much looking up reviews and tutorials. But its something that must happen especially since I am very impatient and waiting for my hair to grow back is a chore!

Until Next Time
That's Amore

Spring Wishes

This is another post that is long overdue!! I have been feeling spring in my heart for quite awhile now and have picked up a few pieces here and there. Now since this picture I have added more pieces than I should have, being that I am suppose to be on a shopping diet. I know, how and why; I just need to save up to make some moves in the near future, fingers crossed. But I just wanted to list somethings that are musts for the spring:
- NEON!!!!!
- Candy colored pants
- statements necklaces DUH!
- Color blocking
- A great statement bag
- Stacked heels
- Bright nail polish
- A SMILE!! Don't ever leave it at home!!

This once really cute but now beat up and ugly trunk, darn movers, holds all of my off season clothes. I'm not sure how I manage to get it all in there but it works. I have a rule that the weather has to be steady for two weeks before I open this thing and switch over my closet. Currently the weather in DC has only been warmish for about three days, so I'm still waiting but praying that the sun keeps shining.
I usually forget about the goodies waiting in this trunk and its always fun to pull everything out and still a chore to figure out where to put everything. Wish me luck!!

That's Amore

Peek of Pink

It has been way too long!!! I know, shame on me!! But lets jump right into it shall we............

Blazer- Vintage (Ebay) Shirt- Forever21 Jeans- Nordstrom Shoes- Seychelle Belt- Gabriel Brothers Jewelry- Silpada

I love this blazer and sadly I don't wear it as often as I should. Hopefully the weather will continue to look up and inspire me to wear it more often this coming spring. I scored this blazer from a vintage seller on Ebay a few years ago. Ebay is a godsend, in case you were unaware. I think the little neon belt gives this soft ensemble a little punch while keeping it sweet and girly.

I love being the daughter of a Silpada Designs jewelry representative!! I get to have my pick of any piece of jewelry that the company offers because my mom owns it all!!! Its great!! There is always a piece that perfects an outfit!! Granted I still love costume pieces, but you cant get any better than the real deal!!!

If anyone is interested in looking at the pieces the company has to offer and even ordering please go to or email at and put ThatsAmore in the subject line.

Have a great weekend!!
That's Amore