Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Wishes

This is another post that is long overdue!! I have been feeling spring in my heart for quite awhile now and have picked up a few pieces here and there. Now since this picture I have added more pieces than I should have, being that I am suppose to be on a shopping diet. I know, how and why; I just need to save up to make some moves in the near future, fingers crossed. But I just wanted to list somethings that are musts for the spring:
- NEON!!!!!
- Candy colored pants
- statements necklaces DUH!
- Color blocking
- A great statement bag
- Stacked heels
- Bright nail polish
- A SMILE!! Don't ever leave it at home!!

This once really cute but now beat up and ugly trunk, darn movers, holds all of my off season clothes. I'm not sure how I manage to get it all in there but it works. I have a rule that the weather has to be steady for two weeks before I open this thing and switch over my closet. Currently the weather in DC has only been warmish for about three days, so I'm still waiting but praying that the sun keeps shining.
I usually forget about the goodies waiting in this trunk and its always fun to pull everything out and still a chore to figure out where to put everything. Wish me luck!!

That's Amore

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  1. I totally agree! I love neon, especially neon yellow this season and I might be able to be talked into colorful pants, looking for some Tangerine Tango too to go along with all my new spring jewelry! One tip that I love to do! Hit the end, end, end of the season sale, after the weather changes and pack your purchases way. Then when you change over your closet and pull out your new clothes, they still have the tags on them, it's like going shopping all over again!!