Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wall Flower

Dress: H&M  Cardigan: Marshalls (Old)  Shoes: Seychelles  Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs  Belt: Mango  Watch: Michael Kors Jewelry: Silpada check them out here

 This was my outfit for Mother's Day; I went to visit my grandmother with my family and took my mom to the movies. I was a pretty great day to honor mothers!

I love this floral dress and sadly I hardly wear it. I am noticing through this blog that I have quite a few things in my closet that I love that I rarely preview. Hmmmmmmm I see a closet challenge in my future.

This dress is a last season H&M steal, and my bag, remember me telling you about how I broke my monthly challenge here, WELL THIS IS IT!!!!! Isn't it amazing!!!!!!! I love it so much!!!!

These photos are a first for me because I took them on my phone! My camera battery died so I had to make due. They came out a lot better than expected and I only did minor editing. So high five to my poor camera quality phone! You can now follow me on instagram (lesb15) and see my camera phone skills!!

To say the very least this was such a beautiful day and I have been enjoying the weather entirely too much and I am praying that I can continue to enjoy the sunny breezy days!!

My Bag.......
That's Amore
Happy Hump Day!

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