Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Little Inspiration

Here are just a few pictures I found on Pinterest that have really inspired me. I love finding pictures that give me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. And since I am preparing to move soon I am getting ideas on projects I want to get started on. Spoiler Alert: I will be posting pictures of my projects as they are completed.

I think these jars are so stinkin cute!!! There are perfect for a cookout or some intimate outdoor event. I hope to one day have a fence that can be lined with these little guys!

I love the idea of strung lights on a balcony or backyard. In my head, my future balcony looks like Julie's off Julie and Julia; all time fav movie! I hope to string lights all the way around with a little french bistro table set. I was Parisian in my past life. I really hope to visit Paris one day.

I LOVE this table and chair for two! So darling and quaint. I love intimate table settings for two no matter what it looks like. Whenever I see a little table and chairs like this I just melt. This picture inspired me to grow a lemon tree on my balcony. I keep hearing that you cant grow a lemon tree in the DMV but I am determined to make it happen. I can pretend I am in Santorini, while admiring my full lemon tree and the lights strung on my balcony, with candles and some Frank Sinatra playing. HA!! Wishful thinking; one day.

That's Amore

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