Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Blah Kind of Week

This has been a rough week for me so far; Happy Hump Day, by the way! Probably because I have been thinking it is Thursday everyday this week. The sad part is it's not going to look up until after DCFashion Week (Forgot to mention I'm involved in working the shows.) Its going to be so crazy!! But that good kind of crazy where you are so busy and exhausted but the craziness back stage is so exciting. On top of my blah mood this whole week my inspiration has been unavailable. My outfits are so pitiful ; seriously leggings, tshirts, sweaters just plain boring. I'm hoping my inspiration comes in time for the shows next week!! Wish me luck!!

I saw this picture today and it really made me smile!!!! I hope it can bring you a little inspiration!! Maybe if I stare at it long enough I will get some too!! You can check out other pictures on my inspiration board here.
Until Next Time!

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